5 Creative Business Uses For Barcode Labels And QR Codes

5 Creative Business Uses For Barcode Labels And QR Codes

One of the best and innovative concepts of the last few decades has to be the barcode. This technology transformed shopping and a multitude of other businesses when a very short time. Add to this the newer technology of the QR barcode and there are countless possibilities as to what a business can do. Standard barcodes are called UPC codes and the newer QR code is short for “quick response”.

QR Codes

Technically the QR code has been around since pre-1997; however it was not until the year 2012 that this technology has gained popular attention in the common market. The concept behind the code is that is contains much more data. If the QR code was the same size as an UPC code, it would contain five times the data. So what are some inventive uses for these codes in business today?

1. Identification

While it is still some time before barcoding will be used as identification in the realm of state ID’s and driver’s licenses, there is nothing from stopping a corporation or business from using a barcode to hold information regarding an employee. This can then be used to enter restricted areas or even the employee area in general.

2. Medical Records

It is a common task that a parent is asked to present their child’s shot records to another facility. While using QR codes to carry this information from one facility to another may still be a little ways in the future, it is very possible that a hospital can use a string of QR codes to hold all of a patient’s data. That means that a “stolen” or lost record is useless to anyone not working at the hospital.

3. Sale Flyers

This is one that a business should most likely use in the next year or so before everyone else jumps on board. Everyone has gotten one of those car dealership flyers that have a fake car key or a little digital number display that claims to be a possible million dollar winner. The concept is the same; the flyers would have a barcode that the customer has to bring in and scan to find out how much they can save. Each barcode could even be good for a free low cost item.

4. Media Downloads

With the new ways that books, music and video are being handled, it is sometimes difficult to provide secure downloads of purchased media. Once a link has been given it can be hard for a webmaster to control access to that file location. Using an unique QR code to contain the URL link and a few other security measures, a business can provide media downloads safely and securely.Imagine a brick and mortar book store that sells electronic books. The client buys their book and receives a QR code that they can scan with their tablet, computer or mobile phone. This links to a secure file. They can now walk into the book store, peruse a real copy of a book and walk out with a single piece of paper that leads to their purchase.

5. Electronic Forms

A QR code can be sent home with a client of a big ticket item or perhaps a potential loan from a bank. Your business can simply place the proper forms in a directory for each client and the QR code URL goes to that directory. There are many options for the legitimate and legal electronic signing of forms.No longer do you have to wait for a client to come back in and sign a change in a contract or complete a missing form. You simply call them and tell them to scan their QR code and the forms are there. This can also be used to provide secure information to the client that you may normally not be comfortable sharing any other way.

These are just a few of the ways that modern technology can make use of barcodes and QR codes. There is no reason that you cannot come up with hundreds of your own or perhaps that one great idea that everyone wants a piece of. The possibilities are endless.

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