Best 5 alternatives to WhatsApp for iPhone

Best 5 alternatives to WhatsApp for iPhone

There are many iPhone users which are searching for the alternative to WhatsApp as many users are complaining about the flakiness and slow performance of it. So here we have top 5 contenders becoming more popular than WhatsApp. So the features should we look in the alternatives are Smooth contact Sync, Rich media exchange (audio,video etc), Easy “favoriting” options, Multi-platform compatibility like the following apps are offering:

1. WeChat

Tencent has announced the launch of its most popular mobile application Wechat. It is a free mobile voice and text messaging application. Wechat is growing as a top alternative for WhatsApp after the launch of the application it already has over 100 million registration and people are making one of the most popular chat application in the world. Wechat comes with features such as “HOLD-TO-TALK voice messaging” photo/video sharing,broadcast messaging,contact information and location sharing. HOLD-TO-TALK voice message is the unique features provided by Wechat. It also offers the features like “Moment”,”Shakers” and “Drift bottle” enable users from any part of the world to build new connection.

2. KiK

KiK is growing as second best alternative for WhatsApp with Over 30 million users unlike WhatsApp, KIK is free to download. KIK messenger is another cross-platform messaging network that proves how limited the SMS has really become, it offers some great features that even the computer-based social applications struggle to compete with. In KIK there’s no limit to the number of characters you can enter.

3. eBuddy XMS

eBuddy XMS APP launched this week in Australia and Holland, it is also in the race for WhatsApp alternative eBuddy XMS provides real-time SMS from any smartphones to any other smartphones-Android or iPhone. As long as you have an internet connection on the phone. You can basically text or send a message to your friends for free eBuddy XMS can scan users address book to automatically find friends using  same application. It also scan your Facebook friends and add them to its contact list. WhatsApp is known for its flakiness and slow performance at times.

4. Hike

Now a days instant messaging users have one popular topic called “Hike” which is made in India. The cool thing is that with hike you can message friends who have not installed which is a very big advantage over WhatsApp and it allows a hike user to send 100 hike SMS free every month to non-hike user. While hike is free globally.

5. Viber

Viber is an application which start its right where WhatsApp leaves the game.To counter WhatsApp it is very useful. it allows user to make call with their data plan and helps them save money. It can be used as both messaging and calling application. The advantage is that everything is done over the internet.

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