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आज vivo ने अपना नया Gaming स्माटफोन vivo IQOO चाइना में लॉन्च किया है, यह अपने किलर लुक और परफॉर्मेंस के वजह से काफी चर्चाओं में है.  इसमें आपको मिलता है Qualcomm  Snapdragon 855 Processor. जो बहुत ही फास्ट है. इस फोन का Official Tag name “Monster Inside दिया गया है


Vivo iQOO Smartphone में आपको Multi-Turbo सर्विस मिलेगा, जैसा कि AI Turbo, Center Turbo, Net Turbo, Cooling Turbo और Game Turbo जो आपके स्मार्टफोन के पर फारमेंस को बूस्ट करेगा

AI Turbo एप्लीकेशन की स्टार्टअप को 30% तक बढ़ाएगा. जबकि Center Turbo फ्रेम रेट को 73% बेहतर बनाएगा. Multi-Turboऑटोमेटिक wifi और 4G enabling a seamless multiplayer  का अनुभव देगा.

आज Vivo ने तीन वेरिएंट में गेमिंग स्मार्टफोन लॉन्च किया है जिसमें पहले वेरिएंट है 12GB of RAM और 256GB onboard.  सुपर फास्ट चार्जिंग 44 वाट और बैटरी कैपेसिटी 4000 mAh. सबसे खास बात यह है कि यह चार्जर 4000 एमएच की बैटरी को 15 मिनट में चार्ज कर देगी.

Vivo का दूसरा वेरिएंट 6GB रैम और 128 जीबी स्टोरेज के साथ है लेकिन इसमें 44 वाट का फास्ट चार्जिंग सपोर्ट नहीं करता लेकिन इसमें आपको मिलेगा 22.5 वाट का चार्जर और इस फोन में आपको ‘Super liquid cooling‘ मिलेगा. यह हिटिंग को कम करता है जब भी आप कोई भी काम करते हैं जैसे गेम खेलते हैं या फिर कोई ग्राफिकल काम करते हैं तो यह सिस्टम को  cooling  करने का काम करेगा

Vivo ने इसमें triple कैमरे सेंसर दिए हैं जिसमें 12MP primary sensor है. 13MP wide-angle lense है (जो SONY IMX263 है ) और 2MP depth sensor है.

इसमें आपको dew-drop notch Display मिल रहा है. जो 6.41″ (6.41इंच) का AMOLED display है. Screen to body ratio मिलेगा आपको 91.7 %.

इसका Price चाइनीस युआन में रखा है, जैसे 6GB RAM/ 128GB storage  वाली मॉडल का price है.  CNY 2,998 (around Rs 30,000),
8 GB RAM/ 128 GB का price है.  CNY 3,298 (around Rs 33,000) और 256GB storage का price है.  CNY 3,598 (around Rs 36,000),इस स्मार्टफोन का selling 6 मार्च को चाइना में स्टार्ट हो जाएगा. और कब भारत में आएगा इसका भी कोई इंफॉर्मेशन नहीं है.

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What is Decimal Number


Decimal expansion of rational numbers

Every rational number can be expressed as a terminating decimal or non terminating but repeating decimals.

1. Terminating Decimal

  • The remainder becomes zero

The word “Terminate” means “end”. A decimal that end is a Terminate.

i.e,  A terminating decimal doesn’t keep going a terminating decimal will have finite number of decimal after the decimal point.

2/5 = 0.4,  3/8 = 0.375, 20/16 = 1.25

2. Non Terminating and Repeating (Recurring decimal)

  • The remainder never becomes zero

A decimal in which a digit or a set of finite number of digits repeats periodically is called non repeating (recurring) decimals.

1/3 = 0.33333333333333…………… = 0.3‾

Celebration 5th Tuesday February 2019 ” SAFER INTERNET DAY” : The campaign’s slogan, “Together for a better internet


Today is Safer Internet Day (SID) celebrations will take place on Tuesday, 5 February 2019. Google wants Indians to be aware about online security and privacy The campaign’s slogan, “Together for a better internet“.

Simple step to Checkup Safe Internet Security:

Google wants its users to secure their account and has a feature called Security Checkup.

1. Secure your google and other account. —— on desktop — go to google account —– Run Security Checkup

or Simple Visit — g.co/securitycheckup to click the security checkup

on your mobile visit your—– Gmail App

2. Secure Your Phone — keep screen locked with complicated password.

3. Secure proper Data — check your mobile phone including Camera, Contacts, Location, Media etc. so; it’s impotent to skim through App permissions and choose the settings that are right,

for Android OS user ——- go to Settings —– Apps & Notifications ——Advanced ——- App Permissions. So,

Google will send reminders, add a screen lock to mobile phones. Always Google wants users to download apps only from Play Store. Android smartphones also come with a Play Protect feature which scans around 50 billion apps every day.

Google’s Fuchsia Os: Why Android replaced by This New Operating System.| Solves a Huge android updates issues


Fuchsia is being developed by google.It is a capability-based operating system . Fuchsia firstly introduced to public in a project appeared on GitHub in August 2016. Fuchsia is based on a new launched micro kernel called "Zircon"
Google search engine is capped all over the world. This creates an operating system for many platforms, such as android for smartphone, Chrome for laptop and Wear OS for smartwatch. Now Google has a lot of discussion for its new dew. I hope these 4 to 5 years to see you in your smartphone. You might be wondering what will happen to the Android application. Google has clearly said that all Android applications will be supportable in the feature operating system.

What's New in Fuchsia Operating System:

This OS is even used in the driverless car by Google.Flutter produces apps based on Dart, offering apps with high performance that run at 120 frames per second. One of the amazing surprises was the support for multiple mouse pointers.


Fuchsia is based on a new microkernel called "Zircon". This is derived from "Little Kernel" a small operating system intended for embedded systems.


Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

Samsung Galaxy S10 details.

There are many rumours about Samsung’s next generation S series smartphone.
Samsung is going to lunch 3 new devices at an event on 20th February held in San Francisco. All devices are of Galaxy S10 branding.
These three models are a little different in their screen sizes and specifications. These are Galaxy S10 Lite with 5.8 inch Galaxy S10 with 6.1 inch and the Galaxy S10 plus with 6.4 inches displays. according to a new report Samsung is launching these devices in green also instead of black and white colours. the report says about the variants that the Galaxy S10 might be roll out into 6GB RAM with 128GB of storage while Galaxy S10 Might role out in two variants and Galaxy S10 Might role out in 3 variants.

The Galaxy S10 might roll out in two variants with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage option and an 8 GB RAM option with 512 GB of storage. It might be up for sale for € 929 (Rs 75,190) and € 1,179 (Rs 95,425) respectively.

Super VOOC Technology


Super VOOC Technology presented by OPPO Electronic.

Quick Charging ( VOOC) Technology


Quick Charging Technology.

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