Can Apple User Make Video Calls With Facetime On A PC

Can Apple User Make Video Calls With Facetime On A PC

Many people ask if Facetime is compatible with Windows PC – here are some alternative video calling programs because Facetime doesn’t work on PC without Apples OS X and IOS!

Apple Facetime is a video chat program that allows users to talk face to face via their cameras. The program is supported on all iOS products.Unfortunately, there is no Facetime for PC available to download on the Apple Website. Instead, there are several other options that make video chatting possible. The most well known and popular video chat service is Skype. You can easily download Skype to talk with family and friends across the world. Skype uses interface that is simple and easy to use.It features text chat and video chat with its basic program. However, it also offers sms and phone calls for a small fee.

You can call any number in the world for much as a little as a few pennies for each call. Skype recently partnered with Facebook to offer their video chat as a part of Facebook chat. Many people find it worse then a regular Skype call. The upside is that a Skype download is not needed to use it. As for additional programs that offer video chat, you can check out Google’s attempt at the market like Google Talk. Their video based chat is available for anyone with a gmail account.

Unfortunately, it does not work with outside numbers or emails. However, the quality is decent and it is ideal for a quick chat with a friend. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, why not try Chatroulette? This is website for talking and video chatting with complete strangers. It is an interesting experience and one worth trying if you are craving a video chat with someone.

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