Can Smartphone Owners Install iTunes On Android

Can Smartphone Owners Install iTunes On Android

Yes, they can download a special iTunes Android version and install the iTunes program on the Android device! So, what is an android? It is an operating system for smartphone and tablet computers that is owned by Google. These devices allow you to communicate with your friends and relatives in real time from anywhere around the world. These devices also allow you to listen to music, share videos, chat, etc. Here you will get an quick step tutorial for the installation process:

To install iTunes on android, you will need to download the version for your operating system on your computer. Then run the iSyncr app on your phone, you will be asked where to install the sync, if your phone has more storage areas, you can either choose one or two storage areas for iTunes. Once the installation is complete, you will receive a reminder about how to properly disconnect your device from the computer after syncing. You will then have an option to view the tutorial on how to use iSyncr. When done, you will have to go to the apps’ home screen and click the settings icon. This is where you will be able to enable play and auto clean playlists.

Then connect your phone to your computer through a USB cable, when prompt for a connection type, choose the mount option, this will allow you to use your phone as a USB Mass Storage device. This will also enable your computer to use your phone as a removable disc. Open the removable disc from the “My Computer” and launch the iSyncr executive file. Click the options button, on the options screen, enable sync iTunes album art and don’t forget to select playlists. After this, you will need a music player that works with iSyncr. PlayerPro Music is one of the best out there because it allows you to synchronize play count. Install iTunes on Android is complete!

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