Enjoy Some Best Windows 8 Apps

Enjoy Some Best Windows 8 Apps

The number of new apps in the US Windows Store is 635, down from 961 the week before.The total number of apps in the US store this week is 25,384 of which 20,373 are free to install and 5,011 paid; that is a ratio of 4:1 in favor of free apps.


This app is all about movies — that you can watch right now in theaters, that are opening this week or upcoming, as well as released on DVD or Blu-ray.A click on a movie displays detailed information about it taken from Rotten Tomatoes. Here you also find trailers that have been posted on YouTube to get a first impression of what the movie is all about.Movies can be added to a favorites section in the app so that you can keep track of those you are interested in easily. Another nice feature the app provides you with is to change the system’s lock screen to a movie wallpaper.

Game Tracker

If you are into gaming you are probably anticipating new game releases all the time. Staying up to date with gaming related news is what Game Tracker is all about. The application provides you with options to monitor upcoming game releases as well as released games for all popular gaming platforms including PC, Xbox 360, Wii U and the Playstation 3. Note that handheld games are not covered by the application.You can check out upcoming releases or games that have already been released. For each game you get an image and news section as well as important information about the developer and system.

IM+Pro ($4.99)

If you are having multiple social networking or instant messaging accounts you may find the idea of using one application to control them all appealing. IM+ Pro is not free but it supports all major instant messaging services including Skype, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, VKontakte Google Talk and AIM.The app features text messaging and the sending of photos to contacts, as well as service related features such as group chat in Skype. You can add one or multiple accounts per service and customize the apps’ appearance and notification settings.


This is a geotagging application that displays the location photos were taken on a map. Photowhirl can display photos that were uploaded to 500px, Flickr, Panoramio or Instagram on the map. You can configure each service individually using controls at the top left.Photos are displayed as thumbnails on the map and in a column on the right. A click on a photo opens it in a viewer giving you options to share it, add it to the favorites or open its source using the default system browser.

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