Five Mobile Apps That Make Work Life Easier

Five Mobile Apps That Make Work Life Easier

The funny thing about smartphones and mobile devices is that they’re good for much more than making phone calls, checking emails and scheduling appointments. There are these little things called apps that tend to reduce that “hairpulling” quality of office life. The reality of today’s work environment is that we’re all over the place. We work in hotel rooms, on airplanes, taxicabs and often from pajamas in a home office. In fact, that’s why we love laptops and smart phones. These handy devices help us stay productive from wherever we are in the world. But what we often overlook is just how powerful mobile apps can be. Now we can do anything from word processing to light bookkeeping to collaborative brainstorming. The possibilities for workplace productivity from a smartphone are virtually endless. Five Apps that Make Work Life Easier:

1. MindJet – Mindmapping tools are all the rage in tech and business circles. MindJet is an interactive mindmapping app built for iOS and Android-enabled smartphones that lets you work out brainstorming ideas in real time in the cloud with other coworkers and colleagues. Subscriptions range from $125 to almost $2,000/year.

2. Evernote – Evernote is among the most popular cloud-based note taking applications available. It’s available on Mac, PC, iOS and Android platforms. This allows you to store ideas, lists and reminder notes in their cloud platform for later use when you need it. The pricing ranges from free to $5/month per user.

3. Lemon – Lemon is a powerful receipt management application built for both consumers and business users. In a nutshell, the Android and iOS-powered app lets you upload receipts to a cloud-powered database. The app is also able to create detailed reports as to how and where you’re spending money. It’s a great way to monitor expenditures and keep everyone in line on a fiscal level.

4. Keynote Remote – This app is primarily geared towards iOS users and like-minded Apple addicts. It serves as a virtual remote for Apple’s flagship presentation software, Keynote, available in their iWork software suite. It lets users control every aspect of their Keynote-powered presentation through their iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or any other iOS-powered device.

5. Bizodo – Ever need a form for your emails or website? Bizodo helps you make custom ones from scratch. And the best part is it’s absolutely free for the basic version, simply pull together your information and then place it directly in HTML.

The Mobile Workforce is on the Rise

According to a recent study by the folks at, mobile engagement in the workforce is rapidly growing, so much that many networks are unable to keep up. Here’s a quick breakdown of some key figures: The average worker carries over three mobile devices at a time. This is up from 2.7 devices in 2011.64 percent of all working professionals carry a tablet PC. That number is expected to limb upwards of 88 percent by the end of the year. 67 percent of all working professionals use mobile devices for work. Additionally, 92 percent of workers believe their devices should be used dually for both work and personal use. These numbers are telling. What this means is that mobile development for the workplace is only going to expand and become more demanding. More importantly, it means that smartphones are only going to become smarter to meet the demands of today’s workers, and that’s great news for everybody.

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