How Google+ Can Benefit Your Business

How Google+ Can Benefit Your Business

There is no gain-saying the fact that Google is the leading search engine optimizer in the whole world, and the success of any internet business is relatively tied to how it is viewed by Google in relation to its target audience. The relevance of your internet business or product to your potential customers is closely determined by Google algorithms, among some other factors; but in order to maximise meeting the needs of your potential customers, Google came up with Google+ to give you the leverage available from social media tools.

Google+ is not the first social media tool or platform on the internet, but it possesses the exceptional business and consumer tools that are an improvement on the existing social media platforms. To fully understand how Google+ can benefit your business and customer needs, you might consider the following reasons and points:

Google+ direct customers straight to your web pages through Direct Connect

With this new search engine feature, all your customers need to land on your web or product pages is to type ‘+’ together with your product or business name into the Google search bar, and it automatically leads the customers  directly to your web pages. This new feature makes it easy to be located online in record time, since the average internet user hates having to commit valuable time to searching for things.

Easily target your customers and audiences through Google+ Circles

The Circles feature is among the top values of using Google+ for your business. This is actually a segmentation feature where your followers and audiences can be grouped according to their relevance to your business and products. In Google+, you could easily group your followers and customers into the default groups or Circles, or create your own VIP, Followers, Customers and Clients among others. This enables you to design specific information or messages targeted to the needs and objectives of each Circle or audience group.

Engage in teleconferencing with your audience

Google+ has an in-built video conferencing facility that allows you to engage in video-conferencing with your customers, staff and team members all at once. This will be a great boost to your business, and help you save travel costs, because you can easily use the Hangouts or integrated video facility to hold business meetings with your customers and associates.

Gain better search traffic for your keywords

Many top internet marketers have revealed that they observed increased search traffic for their targeted keywords and optimized web pages when using Google+; and this might be better achieved by creating distinct web pages for your business on Google+ in order to optimize internet traffic for them. In fact, it is believed that Google+ web pages enjoy better search engine results and traffic than others, but this assertion is still being investigated, even though there is no harm in upgrading your business to Google+, a product of the master search engine.

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