How a Google+ Page Can Help Your Small Business

How a Google+ Page Can Help Your Small Business

With today’s technology, it is a good time to be a small business. No longer are small businesses limited to local customers and word of mouth; the Internet allows each business to branch out to almost any part of the world.However, it is not just as simple as designing a website for that specific business. In fact, many small businesses are finding that social networks, such as Google+, are becoming the place to be to find new clients. Some business owners may be wary about entering the social networking realm, but it is not as overwhelming as it may seem.

How It Works

Google+ allows users to set up a name or brand for their own profile. For small businesses, Google+ allows them to form different “circles” of contacts. For example, these groups can be divided out into vendors, current customers, or potential customers. As a result, the business can send out customized advertising to a specific group to obtain new business or shore up current clientele orders. Literally any company can take advantage of these groups, from clothing retailers to car insurance companies to entertainment providers. How is this more helpful than a newspaper or local magazine ad? Let’s take a look.

Targeted Advertising

Constant targeted advertising makes the customer feel like it was personalized just for them; keeping the promotion personal encourages more contact between the business and the client. As a result, more sales will normally occur than without the personalized marketing.Another side effect of all the constant marketing is name brand recognition. Clients that see the company’s logo repeatedly throughout a month will think of them immediately when they require that brand’s services.


Small businesses that want to protect their namesake, or brand, should start a Google+ page; any user can technically create a page with the logo and improperly use the brand, such as for customer reviews. As a result, the name brand may be blemished by a user that does not have a stake in the company’s business.Creating the Google+ page allows the business to control how it is seen to the general public; a company’s reputation has a lot of influence on customers’ perceptions and possible profit. The small business can easily create a positive image through the social networking Google+ site to generate more sales.

Client Contact

Gone are the days of calling potential customers or handing out flyers to gain customer attention; Google+ allows small businesses to engage in real conversations with people across the globe. As a result, clients feel that the business is tangible and cares for its customers.For example, a customer may point out that a product would be highly improved if there was an added portion to its standard size, such as a handle on an electronic. By placing this concern on the company’s Google+ page, the business can respond to that specific customer immediately; the company can let that person know that they can implement the change soon or explain why it is not possible. Name brands that show that they care about the customers’ opinions about the products will receive more sales overall than companies that ignore consumer input.

Improve Advertising

Just how did a new customer find your Google+ page? Advertising, especially online, can come in the form of small ads along the computer screen’s edges or from search engines. Additionally, customers can be referred from other affiliated websites, such as the company’s vendors and suppliers.Google+ pages will have Google’s analytics applied to each page so that businesses can pinpoint where a customer has found them; this originating information can help a small business narrow down where advertising works the best. For example, Google’s analytics can show a company that a majority of Google+ page hits are coming from a streaming ad across a web page. As a result, the company can put more money into this form of advertising to improve sales.

Involve Employees

Happy employees are nurtured by feelings of teamwork; workers that feel that a company is listening to their opinions about the day-to-day operations will work harder and stay loyal to the group. Companies can encourage employees to chat within the Google+ circles; clients and workers can become industry associates to create a loyal customer base. Overall, employers, employees, and customers will benefit in the long run with an engaging Google+ page.

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