What Are Internet Memes And Why Did They Become So Popular?

What Are Internet Memes And Why Did They Become So Popular?

Memes are fascinating little bits of culture that have taken the Internet by storm. Why have they become so popular? Well, they’re mostly just funny. But, at the same time, they convey how today’s culture expresses itself. So let’s take at look at the meme and see if we can figure out why the world is so enamored with it.

So What Are Internet Memes?

You’ve certainly seen them on the Internet, particularly on social media sites. They’re hard to miss. They’re everywhere.  They are often funny photos that are made funnier by adding catch phrases to them. It’s a message that’s spread from person to person, usually within a given niche or subculture. Videos can be memes, but more often than not, memes are photos. (Memes have been around since before the Internet, but have been adjusted for this new medium.)

How Did Internet Memes Ever Become So Popular?

Many people would much rather get a message through a photo and caption than reading a long article or watching a long video about that subject. For those with short attention spans, i.e., millennials, memes are often a great solution. Memes can do the job in seconds. Research on Internet readers has shown that the average attention span of Internet readers is about 8 seconds. By comparison, the attention span of a gold fish is 9 seconds. This research isn’t saying that long form copy or detailed content doesn’t work. It is, however, adding credence to the value of the Internet meme.

Memes Are Highly Targeted And Easy To Share

The fact that photos are easy to share and you can target your market very easily, makes memes even more popular. You can send them through email, blogs, all kinds of messaging apps and through social media. And regardless of the device, the meme will normally show in its entirety on one screen, while long form copy could run indefinitely.

Just imagine if you took a picture of your puppy, and added a clever caption. You could reach folks interested in puppies. There’s no promise that every meme will become popular, but if yours does, you can reach everyone across the Internet that is interested in puppies. By sending memes related to your interest, you can establish connections with your viewers.

So, memes are kind of like inside jokes. They can spread through communities like viruses, and that’s where we get viral marketing from. Since memes have become so popular in society, companies have attempted to offer this phenomenon, also. Unfortunately, those created for commercial value have often appeared organic and fail to deliver the joke that memes are designed to for. Popular memes aren’t designed to sell.

You Can Create a Meme Yourself

Obviously, anyone can create a meme. It’s just a photo with a clever caption.  This is one reason why the Internet is full of them.  There are tons of websites where you can generate memes, or you can use a graphic software program. It’s not at all difficult.

Internet memes aren’t going anywhere soon. Memes make a connection with people who share your interests. They’re easy to make and easy to share. Social media, and blogging platforms have added memes as an integral part of their content. People love to share interests that they have in common, they love to laugh, and that’s why memes are so popular. Enjoy them while you can. Like any trend, they could be gone tomorrow.

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