iPhone Slowing Down? Improve Performance Easily

iPhone Slowing Down? Improve Performance Easily

iPhones generally make their debut in September and people struggle to hold on to their current iPhones as long as they can before having to upgrade. Craze for latest iPhones is one thing. But iPhones have relatively have a low shelf life consisting of about 18-24 months. It means after the given time period, iDevices start to exhibit strange behavior including lag or shutting down unexpectedly or rather annoying app crashes and other weird thing. Considering the fact no technology is permanent, mobile technology becomes worthless as soon as newer better versions in terms of software and hardware become available in market.

Well, since you iPhone could be on the verge of showing all the above symptoms, there are a few tips that could help you make the the most of your ailing iPhone before you feel the need to change it forever.

1. Clear the Clutter

It may sound obvious but running multiple processes at the same time slows your device. With the iOS 7 update, background app refresh feature allows apps to run in the background. Running a couple of apps isn’t really gonna create much of an issue. However, running too many apps especially the ones consuming your cellular data or Wi-Fi as well, refreshing in the background consume your battery more than by playing graphic rich games. Besides it also heats up your phone affecting performance for your other processes. So, quite naturally lose them! Double tapping the home button will allow you see all the running applications. Swipe up an application to close it. For iPhones by multi-touch  you can close several processes at a time.Over the years, you might’ve collected several apps which you seldom use. Lose them as well. It wont affect your performance as such, but would make navigation around your iPhone much easier. Head to:  Settings>General>Usage. Scrolling down a bit will also allow to configure for which apps you want to allow cellular usage. It can be beneficial at times you want avoid display of iAds when on cellular network.

2. Deactivate Background App Refresh

Like I mentioned before, background app refresh consumes your battery as well as slows your iPhone. So you can deactivate it by Settings>General>Background App Refresh. You can also select manually for which apps you want to toggle this feature.

3. Turn off Location Services

Apps like Google maps or Twitter or Facebook track your location at all times. Quite naturally it’s gonna drain your juice. You can turn off Location services through Settings>Privacy>Location Services. I wouldn’t recommend this because it would disable important features like Find My iPhone. The fix? Scroll down a bit and deactivate services you don’t think require your location, especially Facebook. It’s the biggest offender and must turned of!

4. Data Retrieval

Some users like their mails or calendar events automatically to them. iPhone has 2 services – Fetch and Push. Push service immediately sends an email the moment it is received by email address and Fetch synchronizes with the server at regular time intervals to check if you’ve any new emails. Both of these take a heavy toll on your battery. So.. shut it down! Head to Settings>Mail, Contacts and Calendars>Fetch New Data. Now select Manually. If that’s impossible for you to live with, at least increase the time interval after which it synchronizes with the server. That way your iPhone will have to work less hard and continually.

5. Airplane Mode

Put your device to airplane mode in low range areas to terminate all wireless connections it has with the outside world. It will not only conserve your battery and improve your iPhone’s performance but it will also charge faster. Speaking of which, it is always a good idea to invest a bit in chargeable iPhone covers (you can always check for it online on eBay or Amazon) or portable USB phone chargers.

6. Software Updates

If your device supports it, then go for it! Apple constantly tries to improve it’s iOS by trying to fix bugs and glitches and releases patches for them periodically. With the OTA (over the air) support for iOS 5.1.1 and above updating becomes easier than ever. Go to Settings>General>Software Update. You can also do it via iTunes.

7. Do a hard restart

When you’re device is running slow you can always try to perform a hard restart. It will clean up some of the memory. Restoring your iPhone is also a good idea, but you’ll want to back up it first. You can also try using apps like Battery Doctor which help you charge your battery, show battery usage statistics and also clean up your memory.

8. Last Resort – upgrade your iPhone

That’s correct. Finally a time will come when you’ll realize your beloved iPhone has to rest in piece and that’s the time you should consider upgrading it’s latest model and then you can relax for at least next 18 to 24 months of course!

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