iWatch Maybe Expected This September

iWatch Maybe Expected This September

With tablets and phablets and tablet PCs era gone we’ve a cult of a rather unusual device – Smart watches. Now Smart Watches do not mean some gizmo Tissot watch showing altitude and compass. Neither a classic Casio CMD-40 containing a sci-fi universal remote. Smart watches bear a striking analogy to smart phones. With the launch of Sony SmartWatch and Samsung Galaxy Gear we can all expect Apple launching one as well. I don’t think there is much of a doubt in what would be the name of this rumored smart watch. With Apple is known to redefine products adding an i to all handheld devices smart watch will be quite naturally called an iWatch.

Now that Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference is over with launch of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite we can now turn our attention towards the upcoming hardware. Yeah, you guessed it – next iPhone and the rumored iWatch.

According to a Friday research note from Cantor Fitzgerald’s Brian White, Apple is gearing up to launch both devices this September. Our research at Computex this week points to September launch for the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and a similar launch period for the 5.5 inch iPhone 6. Additionally research suggests that Apple will likely launch ‘iWatch’ at about $200 price point.

Meanwhile, a Friday report from Nikkei, citing unnamed industry sources, claims that so called iWatch. Will use a curved organic light-emitting diode (OLED) touch screen and collect health-related data, such as calorie consumption, sleep activity, blood glucose and blood oxygen levels. The iWatch also lets you read text messages sent to your iPhone.

Rumors about the iWatch are making rounds for about two years. Still, the fabled device has yet to make an appearance at any of Cupertino’s high-profile press events. A February report from New York Times suggested that iWatch is into action however, we may not expect it anytime soon. The story which was focused on battery technology said Apple was working on all sorts of methods to charge it’s iWatch including wireless charging and solar power.

Meanwhile, White’s predictions are falling in line with widespread rumors that Apple is developing two new iPhones for release this year a 4.7 inch handset and a larger 5.5 inch model. If true, it will dwarf current 4-inch Retina display iPhone 5C and 5S. Of course these are just some of the predictions by analysts. We’ll have to wait till fall to actually find out what does Apple have up it’s sleeve.

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