Simple To Use Video Converter For Beginners

Simple To Use Video Converter For Beginners

Video files come in may formats, though not all compatible with all machines. A video converter is an instrument that can be used to convert digital data encoded in one form so that it is in another encoding. This process is generally known as transcoding and is commonly applied for music or movie files, typically to convert data from an obsolete into a more modern format.

By converting a video in this way, you can watch it on a machine that you otherwise could not like a laptop or mobile device. If anything, video converters make life much easier when somebody who wishes to share a video with others who may not have the required software on their own machines. In the rest of this article we will not deal with transcoding itself, but more specifically with a simple, easy-to-use video converter that is appropriate for the beginner to use. And indeed, its name is exactly that—Simple Video Converter.

Simple Video Converter: what it is and how it works

Simple Video Converter can support video files of almost any format—mp3, VOB, WMV, XviD, FLB, MOD, AVI, mp4—you name it. And it is good for far more than that: It can convert audio files to video and vice versa by extracting the audio part and converting it into any of hhte formats mentioned above. You can even open the same file multiple times, each time in a different format. To use Simple Video Converter, click on an audio or video file and choose the output format to which you want it converted and the folder to which you want to send it. Then add a video file and start the conversion process, which takes no more than a few minutes. The program also allows you to preview the results of the conversion, so that if you do not like them you can go back and do it differently. A video file can also be cut apart or, conversely, multiple files can be combined into a single one. Batch conversion is supported by Simple Video Converter as well, and a series of videos may be combined into a slide show.

The present version of the program is Simple Video Converter 8.1.1, in which a number of bugs from the previous version may have been fixed, and updates and enhancements been made. It can operate on the PC, iPhone and iPad.

Rating and customer reviews

The average rating for Simple Video Converter has been three and a half stars, which is slightly lower than the overall rating for all the versions (four). Two out of three interviewed gave it five stars. Of these, one described the converter as “fast and simple”—it converted his videos at a high speed. Another called it “the best all-in-one video converter, video editor software I’ve got”. The third reviewer, however, was so disappointed with the way the software caused his browser to behave erratically—it caused it to close and immediately reopen to a page where he had not been for several days—that he canceled it as soon as he had started with it. Even that he did too late to prevent his default search engine from changing also. Needless to say, he gave the product only a single star. (I wonder why the other two customers did not have a similar problem with it—they gave under cons “none at all”).

Of those who have reviewed the previous versions, one reported that Simple Video Converter was exactly what he needed for his own website, for all it took were two clicks for it to convert three HTML video formats and four for FLV. Another said that he does not have to look for anything when he is using this product.

Other popular video converters

Simple Video Converter ranked ninth on a list of the nine most widely downloaded video converters, and we only highlight here because it’s name it just perfect for a simple overview. Other great video converters that are worth noting include Any Video Converter, KoyoteSoft, MyVideoConverter Pro, FormatFactory, and Ziggy TV.

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