Technology That Runs Android Apps On Ipad

Technology That Runs Android Apps On Ipad

You probably might be eyeing your friend’s android apps and wishing to have them on your iPad too. Technologically, this may not termed possible by many, but thanks to the innovative technology used by Myriad you can now use the coveted Android apps on your iPad. Android technology is computing platform or operating system that majorly deals with new age smart devices like tablet, smartphones,  as well personal computer and other devices of its like. This technology now has numerous followers who work towards developing and maintaining applications and games that work on Androids. The same diligence and innovativeness has helped Myriad develop the Alien Dalvik. This interaction and coordination between smartphones belonging to dissimilar technologies has served as a foundation stone for many more such collaborations.

By using the Myriad Alien Dalvik app you can easily run your Android based applications on your iPad. In addition to the iPad the app developers have also gone on to develop the app suitable for tablet, televisions, cars as well as eBook readers. By using this software, you need not worry about your iPad being hacked. The software would merely download and install some APK i.e. Android package files on to your device and you are all set to experience the pleasure of Android on your iPad. The installation procedure for the Alien Dalvik is simple and without any interruption. After installing the software you can enjoy the same type of apps that you have seen on your friend’s Android phone. It’s not long from now you can enjoy Angry Birds on your iPad. By installing Alien DalvikConsidering this technology there is a buzz in the market whether there is a need for developing various apps for various smartphones or operating systems. By employing this innovative technology, it won’t be long before other platforms like Windows Phone, Android and IOS also employ this technology and develop apps that are not platform-centric.

Thanks to the innovative ideas that brought about by Myriad Alien Dalvik Android technologies the Android platform could now serve as the standard platform for various applications.  Alien Dalvik is also available on various other platforms like Nokia’s MeeGo-driven N9 smartphone. People at Myriad have bigger plans as now they are planning to port Alien Dalvik to a various devices that range from smartphones, set-top boxes, tablets smartphones, and television sets.The Alien Davlik runs on iOS that works in conjunction with a cloud version of the Android OS (that was initiated after collaboration with Netzyn), it steams video via h.264 and provides users best of both the world of iPad as well as Android.

The Netzyn provided cloud system helps in handling the overload bulk thus assisting in running the various applications in parallelism. Geeks around the world might have been more than happy after knowing about this huge leap.  After the onset of this technology, iPad users and smartphone users with variant platforms would be right in expecting similar apps that would help them in not being conformed to a single platform and enjoy the joy of using the Android apps on their phone. Other than the Android features offered by the software, users would no longer have to invest in various mobile phones that belong to variant platforms. They would only have to buy one smartphone or phone irrespective of the platform it belongs to and simply install technologically advanced software like Alien Dalvik.

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