Tips to Improve Your Twitter Following

Tips to Improve Your Twitter Following

Twitter is one of the rapidly growing social media platforms and unarguably comes at second spot on over all social media networks with in no time. Hundreds of ecommerce business using Twitter to gain leads and sales. In 2009 Dell (@DellOutlet) generate over 6 million dollar from their twitter presence. As an ecommerce business you just sign up at Twitter and now your first and last wish is to get hundreds of followers in a jiff and be influencer in your industry. That can be happen overnight if you follow this step.

You will get hundreds of followers for just $5 perhaps you will not get what you wanted. For that all you have to do is follow some basic steps which will give you real followers from your industry that will help you to build your brand over twitter.

Follow the Leaders: Yes you need to follow the best that is widely popular in your industry and can make this viral. Start following them start with at least 5 people. For example if you are a junior SEO you might start to follow Danny Sullivan, Wil Reynolds, Rand FIshkinor Don Rhoades [My Man ]

Pro Tip: You can use or to follow the leaders of any industry.

Engagement: HA! Hey man you know I am following top industry guys over twitter now that’s going to follow me back I have asked them, seriously? Not a chance. You are following leaders now move on to second step engage with them read their blog post. Ask relevant question. Help them out if they are looking for something. Sooner rather than later you will be familiar to them.

Share Quality Content: You live in a world where people hate spammers. Fine you are trying to share some good stuff they might be good read but hold it. Don’t be a spammer or don’t get on RT mode where you just RTying whatever coming your way. Share content with your comments they surely going to catchy and urge blogger to appreciate your content. For example check out Ginaluca Fiorelliwhatever he shares always add his comments. That’s all you got to do be apple of someone’s twitter eye.

Use Tools: Yes you got it you need lend hand of tools to improve your productivity over twitter to be more pro-active to get good followers. Use schedule tweeting that helps ones to be around 24/7 use Buffer app or Crowdbooster these are two hugely famous schedule tweet apps.

Pro tip: Use buffer app chrome’s extension to get things done much faster than normal.

There are many others quality tools that help you to use twitter much effective and efficiently for instance checkout Social Bro, Tweet Wally, HootSuite, Tweet Deck, ChittyChat and many more.

Twitter is just gift of GOD where you can build your brand and earn $$$ all you have to be patient. You can’t do it overnight go step by step and someday you’ll be there. Like Dell or other well known Brands.

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