Tips for Using Pinterest

Tips for Using Pinterest

Pinterest has been dubbed as one of the fastest growing social networks. This is attributed to its unique pinboard style design that allows groups of people that find some thing to be interesting to connect with each other. Registered members are free to create, manage and even browse other pinboards as well as re-pining or liking posts. Besides all this, pins can be shared on other social networks e.g. Twitter and Facebook. The fact that Pinterest serves not only as a photo sharing site but also as a video sharing site has helped the site to grow. The site has also developed the potential to serve as a marketing tool courtesy of the video sharing option which small business service brands are free to fully utilize to promote their business interests. Interesting fact about Pinterest is that it helps redirect significant amounts of traffic to sites without compromising the normal traffic flow of search engines and any other referral sources.

How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Business:

Besides simply using Pinterest to interact with others, here are tips to help you leverage the site’s options to promote your business:

i. Establish your own account and set up a complete profile: although signing up is only by invitation, make it your priority to fill out your profile to completion once you get a chance to sign up. After this, proceed to building pin boards that relate to your line of business or represent your promotional brand / product / services.

ii. Make your pins creative: as much as creating pins for products might be easy, coming up with pin representation for services might be a challenge. In such a case employing creativity is very important. This is because creative pins will make your business interests stand out and generally assist promote your business.

iii. Encourage your clients and other potential parties to create pins from your website: load your site with a variety of high quality graphics. Encourage customers to make their own pins after photographing themselves with any of your products.

iv. Customize video thumbnails by leaving descriptive texts expounding on details about your products. Take advantage of the picture pins and videos to explain your business products and services in details in the process also expounding on why your provisions are useful to clients on Pinterest.

v. Pin up case studies and testimonials of your business and its operations. In the process interested clients on Pinterest might end up following the source link back to your main website to find out more in the process allowing you to make conversions (sales conversion).

vi. Take advantage of the video pinning option provided by Pinterest to pin and share informative videos that relate to your products and services at the same time be encouraging your customers to share these same video. Alternatively, you can create a specific Pinterest video campaign to encourage repining of your posts which will increase brand awareness in the process.

vii. Build a product board for showcasing your products in an organized manner. This will allow you to keep your board neat, organized and professional. What’s more it will be easy to include relevant keywords to the brief descriptions of your business interest pin ups on your Pinterest board.

viii. Pin more than just your products and information regarding your services. Also include tidbits of useful relevant information, business tips and even ideas that are relevant and appealing in nature.

ix. Take advantage of the Pinterest buttons which can easily be integrated to your browser to easily pin images and info from other sites on your pin board. Take note, including the pin this, pin me or even pin it button will allow you to connect with other pinners and even access to other business pin boards.

x. Connect with your Pinterest account with other social networks such as Facebook and twitter. This will help you redirect more potential clients to your Pinterest account.

From the above it is clear that your business service brand stands a better chance of benefiting more while operating an active Pinterest account. It is therefore advisable you consider using Pinterest because it has proven to be an excellent platform to market businesses.

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