TV Shopping Pointers To Keep In Mind

TV Shopping Pointers To Keep In Mind

Summer vacation has begun and most of the kids probably want  new TV set. Especially, with the ongoing IPL and FIFA World Cup around the corner. So, in that case this guide will help you choose the one just right for you.

TV Size and Side Panel

The easiest thumb rule you need to remember is that, the size of the TV should be at least times the distance of the TV from your eyes. (Size diagonally, in inches). You, may manipulate it a bit, however, it should be the largest one you can afford. Next thing is the panel. Now, in India dust is the largest factor deciding how long a TV will last.  Because of this IPS panel or glass coated VA panels are recommended. Now how to determine? Simple, lightly tap with your knuckle. If it makes a water like ripple, avoid it. You should go for the one with hard, glass like sound.

LED Vs LCD Vs Plasma

The jargon, LED, LCD and Plasma are confusing actually. Especially when manufacturers are using stuff are “LED+” or “SuperLED”. Unless you’re going for a TV that’s costs $2250+ you aren’t really considering true LED. For anything below that, you won’t really find much difference between image quality. Here’s something you need to keep in mind. Plasma will give you better black levels. However, those TVs also cost a lot to repair. Between LEDs and LCDs choose which ever you find it pleasing to your eye. For technicalities, the only difference between LED and LCD is… LCD has a fluorescent backlight, whereas LED has a well, LED backlight.


One of the most important thing for connectivity is a HDMI port. Ideally, look for three. But, two is a minimum. If you’re budget is sufficient, you should definitely go for a smart TV. You’ll get one in say $3,000. Ideally look for one with in-built WiFi. Right now, it may not seem important. However, in maybe an year or so, you’ll be glad. It’s just the matter of time before you’ll get better apps and app integration for your TV. Another important thing you’re TV should’ve is WiFi Direct.  Most of the modern smartphones, allow you to “throw” content on TV with a WiFi direct option.

Media Playback

Now as the title suggests, your are TV should support various file formats. And just because it has a USB port does not mean it does that. For example, a 15K TV may not support all movie formats. A 20k-25k TV you’ll get a DivX video (AVI files) supported TV. Check out one with DivX support. This usually supports most of the file formats. You can actually carry a pen drive with all sorts of file formats. As the salesman to check them out. One more thing check if you’re TV supports an external hard disk. At about 25K budget, you’ll get one that supports just 250GB or so. Or maybe only ones with their own power supply. Again ask the salesman regarding that and you’ll be glad for 5 years or so.

Passive or Active 3D

Passive 3D TVs are sold be LG. They’re suitable to you if you’ve a perspective of casual viewing. They support your regular cable. You can have your friends coming over for a sports match or similar event. Their glass costs about $400. Plus, usually you get 4 free. They don’t need batteries. They are lighter. If you rotate your neck by 90º you won’t lose the 3D effect. Active 3D TVs are sold by Sony, Samsung and a few. They are meant for you if you’ve an extensive Blu Ray collection. You want high quality 3D. However bear in mind, you’ll get barely single rarely 2 glasses for free. Each cost about 2K or more. They need to be recharged. They’re heavier. So choose them on your budget and convenience.


You can go for extended warranty from your manufacturer depending on store you buy from. The extended warranty boosts your one year to up to 3 years. Big retailers charge 1.8-2K for up to 45K  TVs; 3-3.5K for up to 75K ones and 5-7K for 75K+ ones. However, should you choose to buy from company’s showroom you’ll get a good discount of about 10-15%. No matter what, extended warranty is always recommended. A bit of extra premium for lot of extra protections.

So this ends the extensive how to decide which TV to buy guide. I hope it answers most of your questions. In case it doesn’t please it in comments. I’ll get to it ASAP.

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