Ways To Utilize LinkedIn To Increase Your Online Marketing Effort

Ways To Utilize LinkedIn To Increase Your Online Marketing Effort

Increasing your marketing efforts is easy when you use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a super way to drive your marketing efforts to the next level.

Create An Account: The first step in successfully using LinkedIn is to create an account. LinkedIn offers two options. Many users prefer the free method. If you are serious about your marketing efforts, you need to consider the low cost paid membership. Remember that LinkedIn is a professional site and should be treated as a great way for businesses to network with each other.

Your Profile: Your profile serves as your online introduction to the business community. It is important to have it 100% complete. Take your time to customize it with current information. Include recommendations from satisfied clients, a list of current projects and books you have read that tie into your industry. When creating your LinkedIn profiles:

  • Find creative ways to use SEO in writing this information.
  • If you have a blog or website, make sure to include that information.
  • Use numbers to spruce up your resume.
  • Use action verbs whenever possible.
  • Allow search engines to rank your profile.
  • Use keywords in your headers

Import Contacts: The second step is to import your contacts. These contacts can be imported from your address book and email programs. Import contacts from every email address and address book that you have. These contacts are important for building your success on LinkedIn. If you have a website or blog, encourage viewers to add you as a contact on LinkedIn.

Who Is Viewing Your Profile: Click on the button provided by LinkedIn to see who is viewing your profile. It will show you the last 20 people who have viewed your profile. Evaluate those and determine who may be a potential customer and view their profiles. One advantage of the paid membership is that you can message them without having to have an introduction.

Participate in Groups: Participate in LinkedIn groups. Make sure that you offer great information in your answers. Every time that you participate in a group, your name and photo appear before the public. Make sure to include a short signature with your company information at the bottom of your answer. If you know someone who can solve a problem, make sure to offer an introduction.

Shine by Giving Answers in LinkedIn Answers: Like LinkedIn groups, participate in LinkedIn Answers. Set yourself up as an authority in your field. Read the questions that deal with your industry and offer meaningful answers. Again, use it as a way to network to others that can be important to your business. Make sure to include contact information in your signature line. Proofread your answers to make sure they make sense. Remember that all your potential customers may not be aware of industry lingo.

Explore Customer Thinking with LinkedIn Polls: The next step is to create LinkedIn polls. This is a great way to find out what your customers are really thinking. Follow the poll’s results in designing new marketing plans.

Make Contacts with the Search Engine: Make sure to use LinkedIn’s search engine. LinkedIn gives you the ability to do quick searches for people, companies and groups. They also give you the ability to see what keywords and topics are hot right now. Use the advanced search for lead generation. Don’t forget to search by location and first and second degree connections.

Advertise with DirectAds: Make use of LinkedIn’s DirectAds. LinkedIn makes this easy by providing a tab under their home menu. These advertisements will be directed by LinkedIn to a targeted audience. The cost will depend on the level of visibility that you desire.

By following these simple tips, it is easy to use LinkedIn to help build your business. Many business start out to use LinkedIn to build their businesses, but soon forget about this tool. It is important to keep up with your account. Spend some time each day working on it and you will soon reap the rewards.

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