Whatsapp Tips and Tricks Android 2017

Whatsapp Tips and Tricks Android 2017

WhatsApp  app is one the best messengers for mobile devices and there tricks are important for WhatsApp Users. Now a days, WhatsApp is one of the only messenger which commanding messenger for android and iPhone. WhatsApp has more than 400 million users globally and this app you can send unlimited messages to anyone in the world. These messages can be sent as texts, images, audios or even videos. Few months ago Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion. In the world of technology there are many other messengers like Wechat, Hike, Line, and many more available but no one can challenge WhatsApp. You can not only send messages to friends but you can also enjoy cool and outstanding tricks which helps you in passing your free time. As we all know that the popularity of WhatsApp has grown tremendously that many WhatsApp tips and tricks coming in the internet. If you are looking for WhatsApp tips and trick then here, you will insight WhatsApp Tricks that every WhatsApp user enjoy.

Share ZIP, PDF, EXE, APK, RAR and Big Files

This is one of the best Whatsapp Trick which i like most. WhatsApp is not allowed you to send files like ZIP, PDF, EXE, APK, RAR and Big Files. You will be able to send or share EXE, PDF, ZIP, APK, RAR and some big files with your friends on WhatsApp. First of all, install Cloud Send and Drop Box application on your mobile. Now open Cloud Send and link it with Drop Box. Share the file which you want to send on Cloud Send and link will be provided to that file. Share that link with your friends. They can download files easily.

Lock WhatsApp with Password

Generally we do personal chat on our WhatsApp and we don’t want others to read our personal messages. There are some applications which lock the application easily and the best App we found is WhatsApp Lock. It protects your messages with a strong password from which no any other person enter in your WhatsApp.

Hide your Profile Picture

A profile picture on any account makes it easier to recognize you on any network. If you want to hide your profile picture in WhatsApp, you hve to find WhatsApp Plus very useful. Now if you want to hide your profile picture on WhatsApp then download and install a simple app called WhatsApp Plus and there you go online with a hidden profile picture.

Recover Deleted Conversation

If you accidentally deleted your WhatsApp conversations, so don’t worry, there is a way to recover them very easily because WhatsApp backups all the conversations on its servers. If you want to recover old conversations then you will just have to uninstall WhatsApp from your phone and reinstall it back in your phone. Remember that when you reinstall WhatsApp, it will ask you if you want to restore history or if you want to continue without restoring it. And one more method is there Go to SD card > WhatsApp > Databases and find these two files named (msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and msgtore.db.crypt ). The first file has all the messages that you have sent or received in last seven days and the second file has the messages of the current day.>Recover Deleted Whatsapp Chat Messages on Android Phone

Extend WhatsApp Free Trail Period

You will have to pay 1 dollar per year. It is not much, we know, but if you can trick the system easily to extend your trial account easily, firstly you will first have to delete your WhatsApp account and keep in your mind that you will want to do this when you are a few days away from ending your trial period. To do this you will have to go in WhatsApp Settings=>account=>Delete My Account. After that, enter your mobile number and delete your WhatsApp account. After that create a new account on WhatsApp, following the same steps as when you firstly created your account. After that, you can notice that your trial period has been extended for 1 year.

Operate Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Android

One of the most wanted WhatsApp tricks is this one, since many users have phones that received dual-SIM support and they want to have separate WhatsApp accounts. To do this, you will have to install the SwitchMe application. This application will allow you to create separate profiles on your smartphones that have different accounts.

Stop Auto Downloading Of Media Files on WhatsApp

In the earlier version of WhatsApp all the audios, videos and images that your friends sent to you were downloaded automatically. Media files which includes audio, images and video was downloaded automatic which is not good for mobiles data and battery life. To stop this, Go to Settings => Chat Settings => Media Auto-Download. After that you can see media files are stop Auto Downloading.

Transfer WhatsApp Conversation from One Device to another Device

Just follow these steps, Go to from your old phone File Manager > WhatsApp > Data bases. Copy and transfer all backup to your PC. Install WhatsApp in your new smartphone and place the copied files at the same location in the phone. After that restart WhatsApp and you are done.

Changing WhatsApp Themes

If you got bored of WhatsApp’s Themes and if you want a new interface for your WhatsApp account, then you will love the WhatsApp Plus Holo application. You can see that it will come with the default WhatsApp theme named “HOLO”, but you can also customize the WhatsApp interface in many ways.

Create Fake Chat

If you want to trick your friends that you talked with some famous person, then you will have to use the WhatSaid application in your phone. All you have to do is download an app Called WhatSaid and easily create fake conversations of celebs to play pranks on your friends. You will be able set a picture, name and create your own messages (for both you and the “fake” actor). So These all are the  Whatsapp Tips and Trick , Hope You will Enjoy  it. Please Do Not Forgot to Sharing This Whatsapp Tricks  to your Friends. Keep Sharing … Keep Visiting.

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