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Maximize revenue by Automatic Lead Capture.


The need of the hour is definitely to capture leads and have a dynamic engaging website. For a company that already has a static website, Techades has met the needs of the company and gave out flourishing results.

Capturing a lead is not a task that is done effortlessly. It takes quite an amount of thought and a huge amount of work that goes into it. Techades pulled down the company’s burden by capturing leads for the company and built it right on the technical side. Techades created a website that is completely dynamic in nature and captured minds more than just leads. Along with it, Techades also created a tool to capture and view leads and the company witnessed the flourishing results.


The company did not lack a website completely. It had a website but it was a static website.

The company’s static website was a challenge for the company to attract the customers as it was not engaging for them and it lacked some creative elements that could stand in the minds of the customers.

The website lacked form capture

The website did not have a form capture where the form fields that are entered with details can be made of use in the future. This was a challenge in tracking details and taking an account of the same.


A dynamic website was created with several market aspects in mind

A customised dynamic website was created and made sure that creative elements pop on the visitors’ screen that engaged them and intrigued their interest to know more.

Automatic capture of fields with an admin panel for control

A form field capture was enabled where the leads will automatically be captured and an account of it will be made in the database. For the control over it, admin panel was customised and curated according to the needs.


The company had flourishing results and were in over joy with the response that gave a hike in their revenue.

The company made best use of the features that were created by Techades and their results left them with tremendous success where they captured 96% of their leads and were able to covert 33% of them into their customers. The revenue that went up after the changes made according to what was their concern was tremendous and surprising as well.


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