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Boosting digital presence


A strategy to keep the clients engaged meanwhile keeping digital presence effective also keeping up with the design standards set is a real challenge.

Techades worked on a complete website revamp by performing an in-depth test prior to redesign process that took into account all the requirements from the side of the company and also ran over on what would attribute to a successful digital presence from the audience side. This change moved the company’s website a step ahead and it stood up as the primary touch point of the company.


A limited time period to work for the massive change in appearance.

A stipulated period to work on the website had quite an amount of constraints on it. Though Techades didn’t have quantity time to invest on the works, Techades invested quality time and that is the reason why our biggest challenge of time constraint didn’t seem like one to us.

Keeping up with the standards of the design but also meeting guidelines.

Design aspects are the first things to reach the visitors. They see the website and that is what pulls them towards it and the topmost challenge is that to keep that design appealing, yet attractive and also meet the requirements.


In-depth test to analyse the requirement

Techades understood that it is important to first know is the need to satisfy it in the first place and as a first step towards building the exclusive website, Techades did an in-depth test that first understood what are the needs to be met and successfully laid it off well.

Customised website launch checklist

A complete check list was made to not just note down the requirements but to tick it off when it is achieved while re-working the website.


Techades not only came out with a result that left the company in awe but made sure it was done on time and also kept up all the requirements fulfilled.

Techades launched the redesigned website in the stipulated period that was a complete change in appearance for the website and stood up to the standards. The usability of the website was made better that gave out exceptional results and one of it was reduce in bounce rate by 9.1% and the best part is that it happened within a time period of 2 months.


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