Case Studies

Optimized EDM Performance


Right eDMs to the right customers are definitely a boost up for the company to reach the right target. Optimized eDMs is need of the hour for where even a single eDM cannot go in vain.

Techades has taken up the task of optimizing eDM performances for consumer division (financial services) of a Multinational Company for promotional, usage and marketing eDMs that are sent to customers.


A number of managers having control

Around 20 plus product managers are responsible for marketing and usage of eDMs that are blasted to customers. These eDMs are for promotional, usage and marketing purposes that have a number of people who are in charge of the same.

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Customized monthly reports were collected

Market specific data was collected and customized monthly reports were curated that helped in sending eDMs towards targeted audience to reap optimized results.

Sourcing of data and analytics

Data was sourced through the reports which helped in analyzing the market and this data was sourced through job request tool. Specific data that is required helped in focusing in places where it is essential and made the work easy as the right eDMs were sent to the right recepients.


An exemplary result with lower customer fatigue was witnessed which also in tern reduced the costs of eDMs and this is one of the productive results produced by the MNC.

The results were top-notch and there was a lower customer fatigue. Redundant and non-performing eDMs were reduced up to 15% based on the consolidated performance report. This feature has become highly convenient for product managers to view and optimize their eDM performance every month while leaving the ultimate goal of the MNC accomplished.


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