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Phogo is an end-to-end client management app designed exclusively for photographers. It's really user-friendly and effective to maintain data from wherever you are and whenever you need. Phogo includes customisable workflows, easy to manage features, AI integrated data processing, automated emails and easy process management. Phogo will help you keep track of all clients and jobs, as well as invoices, contracts and workflows, as your business grows. With no other app on the market like Phogo, we’ve analyzed over 1,000 photographers to architect this product and created one which will really be helping in transforming the business.

  • Product with advanced technological works to produce optimised results.
  • It solves problems in multidimensional aspects which covers all areas of a business.
  • Professional architecture integrated with perfect process management.
  • Best ROI strategies to focus on profit maximisation and business growth.
  • From the hands of professionals with 10+ years experience.
  • Focus towards results and functionalities are the key constraint.
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